Hi, I’m Deilon but many address me by the nickname YJ. I am a graphic designer and digital artist holding over 12 years of extensive experience and various skills under my belt. I graduated from the University of Visual and Performing Arts with a degree in Multimedia Arts, and I have served as an  instructor and lecturer at the same college. Having designed for brands such as FC Barcelona, Sri Lankan Airlines, Nestle and Etisalat previously, I’ve also worked as the Art Director for Digibrush Productions where my role was to ideate create concepts for various types of clients. My abilities include graphic design, art direction, film, digital art, 3D modelling, logo design, animation and photography. Currently, I am employed by Viber to design stickers. What sets me apart from the crowd would be my ability to transition from traditional art mediums like oil painting into the digital era, while using all of my knowledge and skill acquired from traditional art to bring amazing, unique digital artworks to life.


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I have grown strength over the past 12 years.


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